About us

We are a non profit group of metal detecting hobbyists whose purposes and objectives are as follows: 

1) To help develop and formulate high principals of metal detecting to the end that such efforts may contribute to public and private acceptance and to give full consideration to the rights and privileges of others. 
2) To develop a high interest in the historical aspects of relic, coin and artifact hunting by increasing our awareness of local history and heritage. 
3) To seek a more intensive education of ourselves and the whole public, youth and adult in the practice of metal detecting in a manner consistent with sound recreational and conservation practices. 
4) To gain from each other increased knowledge of all aspects of metal detecting by sharing our experiences which may enhance the knowledge of others and by maintaining a willingness to listen and learn from the experiences of others. 
5) To promote a healthy, wholesome family recreational hobby that brings families closer together through a mutual interest and activity. 
As a group or as an individual we are concerned about the environment as our CODE OF ETHICS below will show. 
1) Respect the rights and property of others. If asked to leave by the owner or authorities, do so graciously without argument. 
2) Observe all laws whether, federal, provincial, state or local. 
3) Aid law enforcement officials whenever possible. 
4) Leave the land and vegetation as you found it. Replace the dirt back in the dug hole, fold over the grass flap and tamp it down. 
5) All metal detectorists may be judged by the example YOU set. Always conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others.