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American Military Insignia,Medals and Decorations-William Fowler and Evans Kerrigan


American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976; A Final report To the People Vol 1


America’s Battlefields – Hubbard and Cobb


And All Their Glory Past – Donald E Graves


The Arms,Flags and Emblems of Canada – Deneau Publishers

Badges of the Canadian Forces by the Ministry of Supply and Services Canada

Billy Bishop V.C. – W.D. Mathieson

The Bridge at Dieppe – Good


Brock: Canadian Men of Action – Hugh S Eayrs


The Call To Arms-The 1812 Invasions Of Upper Canada – Richard Feltoe


Canadian Militaria Directory and Sourcebook 1996-1997 Edition, Service Publications


Canadians and the Victoria Cross – Douglas A Melville


Centenary of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane – published by the lundy’s Lane Historical Society


Death at Snake Hill: Secrets From a War of 1812 Cemetery by Paul Litt, Donald F Williamson and Joseph A. Whitehorne


Field Of Glory: The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm 1813 – Donald E Graves


Fortress Of Louisbourg – John Fortier & Owen Fitzgerald


The Green Tiger James Fitzgibbons: A Hero of the War of 1812 by Enid L Mallory


A Guide to Colonial Artifacts of America – Ivor Noel Hume


A History of Artillery – Ian V Hogg


A History of the 57th Artillery Regiment – G. Michael Kirby


A History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment – Major R.L. Rogers


The History of the R.A.F. 1939-1989 – Christopher Chant


A History of the Uniforms of the British Army Vol 1 – Lawson


A History of the Uniforms of the British Army Vol 2 – Lawson


History of the Union Jack and Flags of the Empire – Barlow Cumberland


Military Uniforms of the World in Colour – Blandford


The Origins of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police


The RCMP Early Canadian Life – Erin Banting


Red Coats and Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa 5 July 1814 -Donald E Graves


The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps – John Marteinson


Uniforms of the American Civil War – Philip Haythornthwaite


Where Right and Glory Lead: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane 1814 by Donald E Graves






Detectorist – Robert H Sickler


Competition Treasure Hunting – Ernie Curlee


An Eastern Th’ing Second Edition


Finders Secrets of Success by T.D. Bunce


Gold Panner’s Manual – Garner Basque


Great Lakes Diving Guide – Cris Kohl


Metal Detecting Advice and Tips – Robert Sickler and Joseph Patrick


Modern Metal Detectors by Charles Garrett


The New Treasure Recovery From Sand and Sea – Charles Garrett


Treasure Hunting Manual – Treasure Hunting Publications


Treasure Hunting Pays Off – Charles Garrett


Treasure Under Your Feet – Roy Volker and Dick Richmond






An Area Of Historical Interest in the Counties of

Lincoln and Welland Ontario


Bicentennial Stories Of Niagara On the Lake Published by

the Bicentennial Committee 1981


Canada’s Story: Book One The Dawn of Time – Bob Foley


Canada’s Story: The Struggle For a Continent Book 2 – Bob Foley


The Canadians Vol 4 – Bob Foley


Cave Springs Mystique – Margaret Reed


Cave Springs Farm in Lore and Legend – William F Rannie


Daredevil’s Over Niagara – George Bailey


Drummond Hill Story – Agnes Leslie


Education in the Niagara Peninsula – Vanwell Publishing


Exploring Niagara- Hans and Allyson Tammemagi


Exploring Niagara On the Lake and the Niagara Peninsula by

Susan Walker and Dori Herod


Fading History Vol 1 and Vol 2-Dave Cook


Fall View Bridges History and Collapse – James C Morden 1938


Fort Erie (1764-1823) An Historical Guide – David Owen


Great Gorge Route – Peter Watson


Historical Writings Of Willoughby Township – (pamphlet)


Images Of a Century The City Of Niagara Falls Canada 1904-2004


It Happened At Niagara – Third Series Sherman Zavitz


Lake Erie A Pictorial History – Julie MacFie Sobol and Ken Sobol


Looking Back: Niagara Falls Historical Notes- Sherman Zavitz


Looking Back: The Niagara River the Ontario Shore – Sherman Zavitz

Maid of the Mist – George Bailey

The Mini Atlas of Early Settlers in the District of Niagara


Niagara A History of the Falls – Pierre Burton


Niagara Escarpment From Niagara Falls To Tobermory

By William Gilliard and Thomas Tooke


Niagara On the Lake 1781-1991 – Acton Press Publications


The Niagara Portage Road 1790-1990 – George Seibel


Niagara Portage From Past to Present – Theodora Vinal


The Niagara Story Vol 1 The Beginnings To 1812 – Bob Foley


NS&T -Andrew Pankow and Peter Brown


Niagara Then and Now – Sherman Zavitz


Ontario’s Niagara Parks 100 Years – George Seibel


Ontario’s Niagara Parks A History – Ronald L Way


The Public Parks and Gardens of Niagara – Roland Barnsley and John H Pierce


Queen of the Mist: The Story of Annie Edson Taylor by Charles Carlin Parish


Rails Across Ontario – Ron Brown


Railways in the Niagara Peninsula by john N Jackson and John Burtniak


Sketches of Niagara – Florence B Ledoux


Stamford Township of Old Buildings


Stamford Presbyterian Church 200th Anniversary (Pamphlet)


Tempest in a Teapot: The Cave Springs Opera by Margaret Reed


To Many People Many Things: Niagara On the Lake – Hugh D Maclean


Through the Years at Erie Beach 1988 – H.I. Matthews


The War of 1812 Vol 2 – Bob Foley


Who’s Who in Heritage in Niagara 1997-1999 – Burtniak Printing


Wings Over Niagara: Aviation in the Niagara District 1911-1944 -Published by Niagara Aviation Pioneers





History of New York State – Ellis, Frost, Syrett and Carman


Letchworth State Park (Pamphlet)





Casa Loma – Bill Freeman


I Remember Sunnyside – Mike Filey


Once Upon a Century 100 Years of the EX by J.H. Robinson


Spadina A Story of Old Toronto – Austin Seton Thompson


The Town of Leaside A Brief History – J I Rempel


Trillium and Toronto Island – Mike Filey





Burlington Images of a City – George Balabar


Dundurn Castle – Donalda Badone


1846 Hamilton – Brian Henley


Hamilton: A People’s History – Bill Freeman


Hamilton Our Lives and Times – Brian Henley


Memories of Wentworth – Gary Evans


The Relic Hunter Buried Treasure in Hamilton – Mike Guarascia





The Canals at Welland – David M Michener


A Light On the Seaway – Ethel Williamson


Mr Merritt’s Ditch A Welland Canal’s Album – Roberta M Styan and Robert R Taylor


The Welland Canal Vol 3 – Bob Foley


The Four Welland Canals – John N Jackson





A Century With the St Catharines General Hospital – John Lawrence Runnalls 1974


Glimpses Into Our Past Vol 1 and Vol 2 – Published by the Standard


Lincoln County 1856-1956 Published by the Lincoln County Council


The St Catharines Centennial Book – Advertising Works


St Catharines Centennial History 1967 – Advance Printing Ltd.


St Catharines: Garden On The Canal – Robert Shipley


The Shaver Hospital 75th Anniversary


Merritt A Canadian Before His Time – Jack Williams


Thorold Booklet 1850-1975



History of the County of Brant – F. Douglas Reville





Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara Frontier in 1812 Part 3


Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara frontier in 1813 Part 5


Niagara Historical Pamphlets
No 5 Sermon by Rev. Robert Addison, History of Mrs. 
Jean Baptiste Rousseaux,Historic Houses,Evolution of an Historical Room


No 6 Niagara Library 1800 to 1820 Early Schools of Niagara


No 12 The Battle of Fort George (2 Copies)


No 14 Letters of Mrs Wm Dummer Powell 1807-1821


No 17 Ten Years of the Colony of Niagara 1780-1790 by Lieut.-Colonel E Cruikshank


No 18 Early History of St Marks Reminiscent Papers, No 1 Soldiers Pensioners, Early Shipbuilding Robert Gourlay (2 copies)


No 19 Inscriptions and Graves in the Niagara Peninsula


No 20 Reminiscences of the Fenian Raid 1866,Reminiscences of Niagara and St Davids,Canadian Confederation in the Making With Some Glimpses at the Confederators, Translation of Part of the Journal of St Thomas de Boucherville


No 21 Historic Buildings


No 22 Some Graves on Lundy’s Lane


No 23 Fort Niagara, Letters of 1814 From Dominion Archives, Steamer Chicora Formerly Confederate Blockade Runner,Riders of the Plain


No 26 Notes on the History of the District of Niagara 1791-1793


No 27 Names Only But Much More Number 1 company, Niagara

Family History and Reminiscences of Early Settlers (2 Copies)


No 29 The Niagara Frontier in 1837-38


No 30 Some Notable Results of the War, Original Documents


No 31 Letters of 1812,Brock’s Monument,1840,Katherina Maideen, Appreciation of it, W.J.Wright,M.A.Emigrants of 1847 in Niagara, U.E.Loyalists,Inscriptions(2 Copies)


No 32 Notes on Niagara 1759-1860 (2 copies)


No 33 Relating To the Invasion of the Niagara Peninsula By the United States Army commanded by General Jacob Brown in July and August 1814


No 34 Whose Debtors We Are by Catharine Creed


No 35 Captain Matthew Hamilton, Polish Force in Niagara, Polish Relief Work in Niagara, Rev. Robert Addison,Rev. John Burns


No 36 Fifty Years of Peach Culture in Ontario, Lieut.-General John Graves Simcoe First Governor of Upper Canada, First Bridges Over the Niagara River, Mrs John Graves Simcoe, Address by Gen.Cruikshank on the Battle of Fort George, The Tragedy of Milford Lodge, Reminiscences of Captain Decew


No 37 United Empire Loyalists, The Read Family in Early Years, The Women’s Institute


No 38 A Collection of Documents Relating To the First Settlement 1778-1783


No 39 Records of Niagara 1784-1787


No 40 Records of Niagara 1784-1789


No 41 A collection of Contemporary Letters and Documents 1790-1792


No 42 Records of Niagara in the Days of Commodore Grant and Lieut-Governor Gore 1805-1811


No 43 A Collection of Contemporary Letters and Documents 1812


No 44 A Collection of Contemporary Letters and Documents Jan to July 1813





Aeronautica Collectibles Reference Guide – A.J.Marriott-Smith


An Illustrated History of U.S. Commemorative Coinage – Don Taxay


Antique Arms and Armor – Frederick Wilkinson


Standard Catalogue of World Coins 2003 Edition -C hester L Krause and Clifford Mishler


Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Paper Money 1st Edition


Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian coins 61st Edition 2007


Canadian Coin and Variety Catalogue 1st Edition 1961


Trade Tokens of Ontario – Fred Bowman


Supplement to Bowman’s Trade Tokens of Ontario – Canadian Association of Token Collectors


Coin Collector’s Survival Manual 4th Edition – Scott A Travers


Official Know It All Guide USA Coins 59th Edition by Dr Roderick P Hughes


Hard Times Tokens 1832-1844 – Russell Rulav


A Guide To Metal Toys – Constance King


Guide Book of United States Coins – Red Book  R.s.Yeoman 73rd ed 2020


Modern Toy Trains – Gerry and Janet Souter


Modern Lionel Trains – Robert Schleicher


Modern Soldiers in Colour – Roy Dilley


Matchbox Toys Price Guide – Nancy Schiffer


Toys and Prices 2010 17th Edition – Justin Moen


US Scouting Collectibles – George Cuhaj


Collecting Today For Tomorrow Radio Premiums – David Allan Herzog


Tomart’s Guide To Radio Premiums and Cereal Box Collectibles by Tom Tumbusch


Guide To Old Radios – David and Betty Johnson


The Padlock Collector Price Guide-Franklin M Arnall


Schroeder’s Antique Price Guide 10th Edition


Silver: A Practical Guide To Collecting Silverware and Identifying Hallmarks

-Joel Langford


American Silver and Pewter – Donald L Fenimore


Royal Doulton Figurines and Character Jugs-Katharine Morrison McClinton


Mugs and Tankards A Collector’s Guide-Deborah Stratton


Pocket Guide To Depression Glass and More-Gene Florence


Cutglass Handbook and Price Guide-John H Hotchkiss


Table Glass in Canada 1700-1850-Paul McNally


Victorian Jewellery-Deidre O’Day


Collector’s Value Guide To Harry Potter Collectibles-Checkerbee Publishing


Buttons of the Canadian Militia 1900-1990-Eric Smylie


Cap Badges Of Canada Expeditionary Forces 1914-1919-Leonard Babin


Cap Badges of World War 1 Price Guide and Checklist (1982) To Leonard Babin’s

Guide-Chris Brooker


Charlton Standard Catalogue of First World War Canadian Infantry Badges

W.K.Cross Second Edition


Medals and Decorations-Ian Angus


Canada’s Army in World War 2 Badges,Histories of the Corps and Regiments



Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia-Francis A Lord


Norman Rockwell Value Guide 3rd Edition-Mary Moline


Schroeder’s Collectible Toys 1997 3rd Edition


Dinky Toys Third Edition Revised Price Guide-Dr Edward Force


Orders,Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe-Paul Hieronymussen


Orders,Decorations and Medals to Canadians- Ross Irwin and Edward Denby


The Illustrated Guide To Collecting Bottles-Cecil Munsey





Archaeology The Definitive Guide  Weldon Owen Publishing


Archaeology Magazine Jan/Feb 2022


Back Roads of Ontario-Ron Brown


Bathroom Book Of Ontario History – Rene Biberstein


The Book of Gold-Kenneth Blackmore


Britain’s Kings and Queens – Sir George Bellew


The Bruce Trail Reference Edition 23


An Introduction To Canadian Archaeology-David L Newlands and Claus Brede


Canada’s History Magazine: formerly the Beaver


June/July 2004, Dec 2004/Jan 2005

Feb/March 2005, April/May 2005,June/July 2005

Dec 2005/Jan 2006 Men of Medals VC Winners

Apr/May 2006 The 1907 Quebec Bridge Collapses,The Sinking of the Athenia (missing)

June/July 2006 Explore Canada’s Top Ten Achaeological Sites

Aug/Sept 2006 Was Jack the Ripper Canadian?

Oct/Nov 2006 The War That Made Canada  (Missing)

April/May 2010 Saving David Thompson

June/July 2010 Shell Shock

Aug/Sept 2010 Pirates: Bloodthirsty Cruel Canadian

Oct/Nov 2010 Canada’s Navy 100 Years

Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Gold Rush

Feb/March 2011 10 Best Historic Sites

April/May 2011 God’s Warriors

June/July 2011 Terry Fox Remembering Our Canadian Hero

Aug/Sept 2011 Rum Runners:Vigilantes Enforce Prohibition

Dec 2011/Jan 2012 War Brides

Feb/March 2012  On a Mission

June/July 2012  Canada’s Queen

Aug/Sept 2012   Goal Of the Century

Oct/Nov 2012  Canada’s Father Figure

Dec 2012/Jan 2013  Who Really Won the War Of 1812?

June/July 2013  Bluenose Reborn

June/July 2014 Lundy’s Lane war of 1812″s Bloodiest Battle

Aug/Sept 2014  The Death Of Wolfe

Dec/Jan 2014 The Last spike + 11 More Train Tales

Feb/March 2015  Captain Cook

April/May 2016 Outlaws The Roughest Toughest Bandits of Canada’s Wild West

June/July 2016  Hello My Name Is Canada

Oct/Nov 2016  Bows and Arrows

Dec 2016/Jan 2017  100 Years the 8 greatest Games Ever Played

Feb/March 2017  Sitting Bull

Oct/Nov 2017   Timber

Aug/Sept 2018 The Dust Bowl


Our Canada Magazine:


Our Canada Dec./Jan 2011  Christmas Hopes and Wishes

Our Canada Oct/Nov 2014 Wartime Memories

Our Canada June/July 2017 Our Country Our Stories


City Parks of Canada-Linda Martin and Kerry Seagrave


Faces and Places Along the Railway – Elizabeth A Willmot


Footpaths to Freeways Ministry of Transportation and Communication


A Guide to Antique Hunting Across Canada – John Hearn


Guide to Conservation Areas in Ontario (Pamphlet)


History of the Kiwanis


I Married the Klondike by Laura Beatrice Berton


Meet Me at the Station – Elizabeth A Willmot


National Geographic Magazines:

May 1918,May 1920,Jan 1921,Oct 1921(2),Sept 1921,Jan 1922(3),Aug,Sept,

Nov,Dec 1940,Jan,March,Apr,July,Sept,Nov 1941,Mar,May,June 1945,Feb-Dec 1946,

Jan-Nov 1947,Jan-Aug 1948,March 1958,Bound Vols 1916,1922,1925


Official Road Guide of Canada 1912


Ontario Historic Sites,Museums,Galleries and Plaques


Passengers Must Not Ride On Fenders-Mike Filey


A Picture History of Canadian Cars 1932-1947 by John De Bondt


A Picture History of Ontario


Portable Antiquities Report On Austria by Raimund Karl (from Kiara Beaulieu)


Saskatoon’s Electric Transit- Easten Wayman


Saturday Evening Post Magazine:  48

1952 Aug 2, June 14

1954 Apr 5, June 5, Oct 30

1955 June 25, Sept 3

1956 Jan 7, Feb 18, Mar 3, May 5, June 16

1957 Feb 2, Mar 30

1958 Jan 4, Jan 25, Feb 18, Apr 5, Apr 19, June 14, July 19, Nov 8

1959 Mar 7, Apr 18, July 11, Aug 8, Oct 3, Oct 24

1960 June 11, June 18, July 2

1961 Feb 11, Apr 22, July 8, Sept 16

1964 Feb 15, Mar 21, Apr 18, June 11-18, June 20, Aug 8-15, Nov 14, Nov 21

1965 Jan 16, June 19, July 17, Oct 9, Dec 4


Secrets of Lake Simcoe-Andrew Hind & Maria Da Silva


Quebec City 1765-1822-David T Ruddell


T Eaton and Co. Reprint Catalogue 1901


United Empire Loyalists Pioneers of upper Canada-Nick and Helma Mika


The Visits of Royalty To Canada-North America Life Assurance Co.


Waterfalls of Ontario-George Fisher and Mark Harris


Waterfront Trail and Greenway Map


What Is It? A Gallery of Historical Phrases-Lorraine O’Bryne


Whiskey and Wickedness Halton County 1815-1875-Larry D Cotton


Whiskey and Wickedness Barrie Ontario 1815-1885- Larry D Cotton


Whiskey and Wickedness Vol. 2 Orillia Ontario 1800-1900 Larry D. Cotton 




The Armoury (Niagara Falls)    44m


The Antique and Collectible Jewellery Series Vol 2 Circa 1887-1930

by Jeanenne Bell


Battle Hill A Living History     21m


Battle of Vimy Ridge Pt 4-National Film Board of Canada 31m


Big Battles of WW2 Documentaries 10 Features-8 hours


The Blizzard of 77 30th Anniversary-Rossi


City of Gold   21m


Crystal Beach Park: Thanks For the Memories 90m


Dan Berg’s Dive Wreck Valley Video Series Exploring Northeast Shipwrecks 24m


Daredevil’s of Niagara Falls-Producers John Grant and Catie Siodmak WNED 2006  37m


A Day At Fort George 1813    18m


The Detectorists Series 1   British TV Series


The Detectorists Series 2   British TV Series


The Detectorists Series 3   British TV Series- 3 copies


Digging Into the Future Armenia Travel Scope


1812 The Forgotten War   78m


Fort Niagara The Struggle For A Continent     26m


Haunted Niagara-Daniel Rodrique/Maple Tree Production   73m


Lyme Disease What You should Know


Niagara’s Great Gorge Route   (no sound)    10m


Schoellkopt Hydro collapse 1956   11m


Secrets Of Archaeology  6 Discs    11 hours


Shadows of Niagara Investigating Niagara’s Most Haunted Region (2 DVD’s)


Sketches of Our Town:

Cobourg,Fergus,Gananoque,Goderich,Guelph,Niagara Falls,Paris   2 Boxes Discs

Port Colborne,Stratford      23m each


Their Finest Hour:The R.A.F. and the Battle of Britain    94m


Time Team:  Case of Discs + 3 Episodes


United Empire Loyalists A-V Discovery LTD    21m


War On the Thames    25m


Standard Catalogue of World Coins-Krause 3 Discs 1800 to Date


Equipment Instructional DVD’s:



Garrett Ace 250,150 and Pro Pinpointer   38m


Garrett GTI Instructional DVD


Garrett AT Pro International DVD


Fisher 1266X/1266 XB    7m


whites Mastering The Classics      42m


Whites Spectrum   XLT     89m




Metal Detecting Magazines: Western and Eastern, Treasure, Lost Treasure  etc


Field Test Reports – Metal Detector